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Environmental educators dedicated to promoting the understanding, enjoyment and awareness of nature through firsthand experience, crafts and games.

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At Nature Stuff, we are passionate about the natural world and also about providing opportunities for children and families to enjoy the outdoors together!

We run a range of value-for-money, nature-related activities and seasonally-themed events for children and their families during school holidays.

During term time, we run curriculum-linked sessions in Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire schools, providing hands-on experiences for children to learn from and about nature.

We also provide bespoke nature-related activities for children’s clubs and community groups.

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STOP PRESS - Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorer Outdoor Meetings resume this month! Join Leaders for a practical session of conservation work to help improve important wildlife habitats in the grounds of Macclesfield Leisure Centre.

There aren't many things sweeter than a one-day-old curlew chick. RealNatureStuff photo

Day 7 #30DaysWild. Leader Tina got this unusual underside view of one of the tiny Geometridae moths when it landed on her window. (And she was very lucky there had been a recent visit from the window cleaner!). RealNatureStuff photo

Day 8 #30DaysWild. Our supporter Mark captured this wood pigeon demonstrating just how well this species takes advantage of the food sources we provide in our gardens (It looks like this one was quite hungry!) RealNatureStuff photo

Day 9 of #30DaysWild. Leader Julian has an example of Agapanthia villosovirdescens (Golden bloomed grey longhorn beetle) on his thumb - thanks to the engineers from Tomkinson Heating Ltd who rescued this little chap for identification. RealNatureStuff photo

Day 10 #30DaysWild. Volunteer Abi was lucky enough to spot this fabulous common lizard during her recent trip to the Lake District. RealNatureStuff photo

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